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Cheesy Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

Jan. 22nd, 2008 | 10:48 pm
location: Home
mood: Poor Chicken Poor Chicken
music: Ny Dad cussing out the T.V.

It had the potential of being the greatest dish ever. Three of my fave foods put together in one pan, cooked, and served hot.

...It was the worst experience of my life. I think it was the velveeta. Velveeta is the grossest stuff ever.

I am sad.
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"Step-Up 2: The Streets" aka Laughfest 2008

Jan. 22nd, 2008 | 12:08 am
location: Home
mood: This is the Streets! This is the Streets!
music: The dryer

Who the hell was the idiot that said "You know what this world needs? A sequel to Step-Up!'

Step-Up 1 wasn't that good. Why the sequel. I gottat admit. The trailer was fucking hilarious. I'm going to see this movie because it's looks like comedic gold.

I don't understand what this new obesession with 'Street" dancing is. It's going the route of the Fast and the Furious movies.

The Trailer, because, everyone needs to experience this thing at least once:


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(no subject)

Jan. 4th, 2008 | 09:59 pm
location: Home
mood: Damn FF.net! Damn FF.net!
music: Sasuke (Or,Ninja Warrior in the States)

1. Name of story: "The New Ninja"
Name of Author: RileyJessieHall
Possibly the URL for the story: Read the Horror...The HORROR!Collapse )
Summary: this is a story about GenmaShizune. Shizune gets pregnant. whos the father? is it genma the one she loves or someone else? why is she so afraid to say who's the father? Tsunade pushes for answers and gets them. Genshi Sasusaku and others...

2. Explanation of why the fic is bad. Note that all opinions should be justified. Don't just say "OMG sasusaku suxors." Instead, say "This SasuSaku fic sucks, and this is why."
Reason for disliking this "fanfic": The writer had me at Shizune, Genma, and Pregnant. She baffled me with "Or someone else". I thought I'd give it a try, because, you know, we've all read that fic where the summary is horrible, but the story is actually pretty damn good. Um, no. The thing that mainly pissed me off was One, the set up of the writing , which is basically no paragraph, all single sentences. The punctuation is horrible. The spelling is just as bad. But what really nuked my nutmeg was the AUTHOR'S NOTES RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN STORY!! I hate nothing more than to read author's notes in the middle of a sentence. You couldn't let me know before the story? You couldn't let me know at then end, after I've read the chapter, and formed the questions?! Maybe I didn't care that you love Hayate, and you decided to keep him in the storyline, or that, you know, Hayate and Genma are 'Brother's from another Mother, so he's going to be an "uncle", so you know, that happens sometimes!!". That is all. Enjoy the show. :(

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Mar. 25th, 2007 | 03:27 pm
location: Work
mood: blah blah
music: Employee's pounding on my office door

I'm beginning to think I might have done something horrible in another life...

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Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

May. 29th, 2006 | 12:08 am
location: Home
mood: WTF!? WTF!?
music: Mr. Vain by Culture Beat (Too Gay to function...)

Why... WHY is there no Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad fanfiction?!?!

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All Your ~{In]~Sanity Are Belong To Us

Dec. 21st, 2005 | 02:49 am
mood: The Sexiest Song Eva... The Sexiest Song Eva...
music: Only by Nine Inch Nails

Greatest Convo I've had on AIM in years...
Me: Capsaveaho1
Denise: Spazmicsidekick

00:58:48) spazmicsidekick: ello ello
(00:59:10) CapSaveAHo1: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *runs*
(00:59:26) spazmicsidekick: no no
(00:59:28) spazmicsidekick: come back
(00:59:33) spazmicsidekick: i didn't mean what i said
(00:59:51) CapSaveAHo1: ....I didn't mean to stick it there!
(01:00:03) CapSaveAHo1: I didn't know you were so sensitive in that spot
(01:01:35) spazmicsidekick: he he
(01:01:42) spazmicsidekick: i'm sensitive all over
(01:01:47) spazmicsidekick: snicker
(01:03:55) spazmicsidekick: GUESS WHAt
(01:03:56) CapSaveAHo1: ...dirty bird
(01:03:58) CapSaveAHo1: what?
(01:04:16) spazmicsidekick: te he he
(01:04:23) spazmicsidekick: i so got ignored the other day
(01:04:27) spazmicsidekick: it was really funny
(01:04:32) spazmicsidekick: i was working
(01:04:38) CapSaveAHo1: uh-huh
(01:05:31) spazmicsidekick: and joseph came in to get a puffin and compeletly avoided eyecontact and moved to a completely different cash register just because i was ringing at the one he was standing at
(01:05:44) spazmicsidekick: men are such little bitches
(01:06:02) CapSaveAHo1: yeah they are
(01:06:08) CapSaveAHo1: so he and sarah are still goin out?
(01:06:51) spazmicsidekick: ha i don't really know/care
(01:07:26) spazmicsidekick: the last time sarah called me was the other day with ssc and asked if something sounded like a kazoo
(01:07:32) spazmicsidekick: and i asked if she was high
(01:07:54) CapSaveAHo1: what is ssc?
(01:08:18) CapSaveAHo1: well, she hasn't called me since...the other day, which i guess is a good thing
(01:08:39) spazmicsidekick: Super sized carrie
(01:08:44) spazmicsidekick: i guess
(01:08:49) CapSaveAHo1: .....lmao
(01:09:07) spazmicsidekick: whatever if she wants to call me its all good but just as long as i don't have to put up with shit
(01:09:08) spazmicsidekick: what
(01:09:19) spazmicsidekick: and yeah she is probly full of it about now
(01:11:44) spazmicsidekick: so whats up mojo
(01:12:27) CapSaveAHo1: full of what
(01:12:46) CapSaveAHo1: damn I got fanfictions... messageboards and like three im windows
(01:12:57) spazmicsidekick: ha ha
(01:13:16) spazmicsidekick: shit
(01:13:18) spazmicsidekick: i guess
(01:13:24) spazmicsidekick: what ever
(01:13:27) spazmicsidekick: i'm chill'n
(01:13:40) spazmicsidekick: what day do you have off man
(01:14:31) CapSaveAHo1: this week end...
(01:14:49) spazmicsidekick: ajj
(01:14:55) CapSaveAHo1: ajj?!?!?
(01:14:58) spazmicsidekick: which is spannish for ahhhh
(01:15:05) spazmicsidekick: you should know that
(01:15:15) spazmicsidekick: you got rearended by a spanish dude
(01:15:16) spazmicsidekick: well
(01:15:18) spazmicsidekick: mexican
(01:15:20) spazmicsidekick: whatever
(01:17:04) CapSaveAHo1: mexican, puerto rican...
(01:17:13) CapSaveAHo1: they all speak roll r gibberish
(01:17:14) spazmicsidekick: i dunno
(01:17:29) spazmicsidekick: someone who obviously didn't understand the meaning of red
(01:17:42) CapSaveAHo1: ...or CAR IN FRONT OF YOU BRAKE!
(01:17:57) spazmicsidekick: you don't need to understand english to hit your fucking brake mate
(01:18:52) spazmicsidekick: te he he
(01:19:02) spazmicsidekick: we need to go on adventures
(01:19:07) spazmicsidekick: i'm feeling spunky
(01:19:16) spazmicsidekick: but not in the horny way so no worries
(01:19:45) CapSaveAHo1: LMAO
(01:19:55) CapSaveAHo1: *wipes sweat from brow*
(01:20:05) spazmicsidekick: he he
(01:20:06) spazmicsidekick: what
(01:20:10) spazmicsidekick: i know i make you hot
(01:20:11) spazmicsidekick: but
(01:20:46) CapSaveAHo1: there's sweat in between my toes because of you...
(01:20:55) CapSaveAHo1: or that might be althete's foot...
(01:20:58) CapSaveAHo1: not quite sure yet
(01:21:24) spazmicsidekick: undetermined itch
(01:21:33) spazmicsidekick: the doctor said it wasn't contagious
(01:21:35) spazmicsidekick: ....
(01:21:46) spazmicsidekick: after the initial five month period
(01:22:37) CapSaveAHo1: ...
(01:22:44) CapSaveAHo1: DID YOU ATLEAST USE THE CREAM!?!?
(01:23:11) spazmicsidekick: ...they said liquid nitrogen would be the best
(01:23:22) spazmicsidekick: burn those bitches right off
(01:23:39) CapSaveAHo1: ..............................foot whore
(01:24:03) spazmicsidekick: te he he
(01:24:14) spazmicsidekick: but that means i'm good at what i do
(01:24:22) spazmicsidekick: ;-)
(01:24:59) CapSaveAHo1: ...............yeah... and contagious...
(01:25:05) CapSaveAHo1: but i'll pretend i didn't know
(01:25:19) CapSaveAHo1: just make me feel better about myself and give it to britt
(01:25:33) spazmicsidekick: what
(01:25:39) spazmicsidekick: britts the one who gave it to me
(01:26:00) CapSaveAHo1: ...................................YOU CHEATING PHALANGIC SLUT!
(01:29:18) spazmicsidekick: he he
(01:29:30) spazmicsidekick: you said that you were okay wiht it
(01:29:42) spazmicsidekick: i guess i must have slipped you a rufie
(01:31:25) spazmicsidekick: ...or the goldbond
(01:31:27) CapSaveAHo1: ...uh...yeah...
(01:31:39) CapSaveAHo1: you could have atleast rubbed the ointment on first...
(01:31:45) CapSaveAHo1: i'm not even mad about the rufie
(01:32:45) spazmicsidekick: ou
(01:32:48) spazmicsidekick: o
(01:32:51) spazmicsidekick: i did baby
(01:33:00) spazmicsidekick: i rubbed the ointment on real good
(01:33:44) CapSaveAHo1: lmao...
(01:33:51) CapSaveAHo1: THEN WHY DO I HAVE CHAFFIN?!?1
(01:33:54) CapSaveAHo1: G*
(01:36:05) CapSaveAHo1: oh... nothing for that, huh?!?!
(01:36:21) CapSaveAHo1: you make me feel so dirty and used sometimes
(01:36:52) spazmicsidekick: ha ha
(01:36:59) spazmicsidekick: baby i could only love you
(01:37:02) spazmicsidekick: all those other feet
(01:37:05) spazmicsidekick: they mean nothing
(01:37:19) CapSaveAHo1: ....
(01:37:20) CapSaveAHo1: liar
(01:37:30) CapSaveAHo1: any toes with get you off...
(01:37:37) CapSaveAHo1: will*
(01:37:57) spazmicsidekick: but your toes
(01:38:00) spazmicsidekick: they are specail
(01:39:54) spazmicsidekick: you know you are the only one i'd paint my toes for
(01:41:05) CapSaveAHo1: ...so... who chipped them?
(01:41:20) spazmicsidekick: HA HA
(01:41:32) spazmicsidekick: only you can wear that nail polish off girl
(01:41:40) CapSaveAHo1: I didn't spend all that money on specialized purple polish that hides you from perverted eyes, for nothing
(01:48:58) spazmicsidekick: ha ha
(01:49:03) spazmicsidekick: this is so weird
(01:49:04) spazmicsidekick: haha
(01:53:08) CapSaveAHo1: i know...
(01:53:17) spazmicsidekick: but
(01:53:21) CapSaveAHo1: i sent it to a friend i'm talking to,...she's like
(01:53:23) CapSaveAHo1: what the hell
(01:53:26) spazmicsidekick: haha
(01:53:27) spazmicsidekick: yeha
(01:53:37) spazmicsidekick: but thats why we love each other man
(01:53:45) spazmicsidekick: i have to give you your gift
(01:54:54) CapSaveAHo1: i have to give you yours...
(01:55:58) spazmicsidekick: yeah!! he he
(01:56:17) spazmicsidekick: i hope it envovles your feet and mine in a little sock action
(01:56:55) CapSaveAHo1: are you suggesting a night of footsies?
(01:57:36) spazmicsidekick: wink wink
(01:57:44) CapSaveAHo1: ...you're soooo forward...
(01:57:47) CapSaveAHo1: I LIKE IT
(01:57:54) spazmicsidekick: or rather...ankle pop anckle pop
(01:57:58) CapSaveAHo1: i'll feed you grapes
(01:58:04) CapSaveAHo1: lmao
(01:58:08) CapSaveAHo1: Knee crack pop
(01:59:33) spazmicsidekick: mmmm
(01:59:52) spazmicsidekick: rub lotion of the feet
(01:59:59) spazmicsidekick: ,mmmm warming sensation
(02:00:00) CapSaveAHo1: u know you like the way my knees crack when i sit next to you
(02:00:16) CapSaveAHo1: i'll boil some oils before yo come over...
(02:00:32) CapSaveAHo1: I see some chicken grease in yo future girl...
(02:01:02) spazmicsidekick: mmmm hmmm girl friend
(02:01:22) CapSaveAHo1: lmao
(02:02:20) spazmicsidekick: he he
(02:02:22) spazmicsidekick: so
(02:02:27) spazmicsidekick: whats up
(02:02:33) CapSaveAHo1: sick
(02:02:35) CapSaveAHo1: as hell
(02:02:42) CapSaveAHo1: i think i'm dying denise
(02:06:50) spazmicsidekick: ahh
(02:06:52) spazmicsidekick: nooo
(02:06:55) spazmicsidekick: i heart you
(02:09:28) CapSaveAHo1: ...you don't want this stuff...
(02:09:44) CapSaveAHo1: it's bad... i think i got it from steve down the street
(02:09:59) spazmicsidekick: damn steve down the street
(02:10:03) spazmicsidekick: i shall avenge you
(02:12:23) CapSaveAHo1: ....
(02:12:38) CapSaveAHo1: attack him with your std infested toes
(02:13:14) spazmicsidekick: ftds
(02:13:29) spazmicsidekick: feets transmited desies
(02:15:44) spazmicsidekick: i'm going to crawl off to bed
(02:15:54) spazmicsidekick: night night mon cheri....my feet cheri
(02:17:10) CapSaveAHo1: lmao
(02:17:25) CapSaveAHo1: night Denise! My foot whore-snack thingy
(02:17:32) spazmicsidekick: he he he
(02:17:34) spazmicsidekick: much lobe
(02:17:34) CapSaveAHo1: *i couldn't remember hot tospell it*
(02:17:36) spazmicsidekick: love
(02:17:50) CapSaveAHo1: I heart you too
(02:18:36) spazmicsidekick: mmm
(02:18:37) spazmicsidekick: yaya

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