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You Say Teen Fandoms, with a Sprinkle of Mike Tyson?!

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Jan. 5th, 2010 | 12:37 am
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So, I figure LJ is the best place to start recording my weird ass hell dreams?  Well, let me tell you about the weird one I had last night.  It was so fucking random, I like, remember the whole thing.

So, it starts with Buffy and Willow walking down the school hallway.  Xander just pops the fuck outta no where, and hands Buffy a picture, with Vizard Ichigo on it, and tells Buffy "It's time to join the forces together".  There's a date on it.  November, 2005.  So, let's cut to the crazy, like an LJ cut tag.  The Scooby gang (Buffy, Xander, Willow, Seth (wasn't that the name of the werewolf dude that Willow dated for a bit?) Cordelia, Giles, and Mike Tyson (Yeah, I said Mike-Fuckin-Tyson) are chillin...  being the supposed good guys that they are, looking up at the forces of evil, Lord Zed, Rita, and some other goons.  They are saying some cryptic shit that leads us back to that picture Xander gave Buffy earlier in the dream.  Buffy, being the Genius that she is, remembers this, and Tells Lord Zed that he's a month late on the prophecy.  Lord Zed looks to Xander in the "What the fuck?! You ruined everything" look.  Xander does the evil villian laugh and transforms.  Vizard mask, Xander Body, and one human leg... and a chicken leg.  I don't even understand the fucking chicken leg. That was just... wtf?!  Anyways, come to find out Xander is the Son of Alexander the Great... and some distant Relative of Uncle Ben.  Yes, Uncle Ben, the man on the Rice Box.  This leads to a whole can of crazy opened. Xander kills Cordelia.  Then Seth, or who ever turns into a werecub. This is pissing Xander off.  He makes the remark "If the cub continues to follow me, I'm going to kill him.  Dead.  Well, the werecub is totally upset about something, and does it anyway.  Xander kills him, with his Human leg/Chicken leg combo of death.  I don't even know?!  So, the Scooby Gang, which right now, is dwindled down to Giles, a distraught Willow, Buffy, and the ever magnificent Mike Tyson, decides, they can't do anything with this shit.  So they walk away.  Lord Zed decides to taunt them.  Suddenly, the gang is sitting, and Mike Tyson is rocking, upset.  Willow is like "what's going on?"  And Buffy is all, he's reverting back to his Street self.  Suddenly, Mike Tyson is in Vaizard!Xander's face with a chain, and an ANGRY FIST FROM GOD.  These two are duking it out,  Mike of course is winning.  Come to find out... Mike Tyson has a soft spot for werecubs.  Who would Have fucking known, right?!  Anyways, Mike is One-to-the-head-two-to-the-chestin Xander all over the place.  Lord Zed thinks he's going to take over.  Mike said fuck that, and knocks Zed the fuck out.  By this time, I think even my brain is like "OOOOH, GUUUUURRRLLL...WTF?!"  So I finally wake up.

And...That is the wtfery of the year for me right there.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to top that shit.  Maybe it'll lead to that recurring dream I've been having since I was 14.  :/


Also, if you didn't catch the fandoms:  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,  Bleach
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From: chrismakkuh
Date: Jan. 5th, 2010 02:20 pm (UTC)

Yeah! That dude!

Man, I haven't watched Buffy in forever.

A pretty good dream? YOu have weird dreams all the time, don't you!

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