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Wow, thought I'd never see this happen...

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Feb. 7th, 2008 | 11:47 am
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Inuyasha- 77,693
Naruto- 123,036
Sailor-Moon- 26,027

Inuyasha/Sailor-Moon Combined- 103,720

There is more Inuyasha fic on ff.net, than Sailor-Moon fic. Inuyasha had the most anime/manga fic on ff.net a few years ago. Now there's more Naruto than Inuyasha and Sailor-Moon combined.

I could say that I'm slightly happy about this. But anyone who's read Naruto fic on ff.net for a while probably understands why I think this is a crime against humanity. It's 123,036 of fic, with possibly 1,500 worth of Good fic.

The Naruto section needs to be purged.

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